Settle Into Your New Office Space

Hire our commercial movers based in Lebanon Junction, KY, and servicing all of Kentucky!

Moving into a new office space is an exciting venture. Whether you're finally leaving your home office behind or moving from one office to the next, you need a professional team to transport your equipment. Cecil Movers, LLC tackles full office moves in Lebanon Junction, Shepherdsville & Jeffersontown, KY, and all over the entire state of Kentucky. Our office movers will use specialized pads and moving equipment to transport your desks and boxes to your new location.

Discuss your office move with one of our commercial movers now.

When to call our pros

When to call our pros

You can turn to our professional movers whenever you're upgrading your space. Our commercial movers can help you if you're:

  • Upgrading to a larger office space
  • Downsizing to a more personal office
  • Moving from your home office to a commercial space

While most companies only provide two-man crews with additional fees for more movers, we provide three-man teams for only $130 an hour. Contact our office movers today if you're upgrading to a new space.